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Laura Roberts

As an aspiring "green" family we cloth diaper, make our own laundry soap, compost, use our compost for our garden, and re-use anything we can! From babyfood jars, plastic bags, cardboard, you name it we have made a homeschool craft project out of it! thanks for offering up this awesome giveaway :)

Katheryn Edwards

We're a 'greening' family as well. Cloth diaper, breast feeding (saves money and factory output), family cloth, washcloths instead of paper towels, hang dry instead of dryers, the list of things you forget you can do goes on and on!

Katheryn Edwards

argh - forgot to comment that I did the FB post, too! :)

Martha Coleman

At my house we switched from bottled water to a filter pitcher (Brita). We also installed a low flow/dual switch toilet so you can switch the mode/water flow depending on use.

Martha Coleman

I posted on my Facebook too!

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