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I'm fan of Whole Foods Tustin, CA. I haven't actually been to any brick & mortar babywearing stores. I do most of my shopping online.

Susan K.

Bellysprout in Fullerton, CA is my fav. local brick and mortar. They've got cloth diapers, muslin blankets, hard to find in store carriers and the prettiest Ergo carrier covers. :)


The Little Seedling in Ann Arbor MI. Cloth Diapers, organic clothing, wraps and other baby carriers and best of all the mama's can bring their kids to work!


My fav local store is thenaturalbabyco.com :o) They sell everything from cloth diapers to carriers, to maternity clothes.


I like the Road Less traveled in Santa Ana, CA near Main Place Mall. I bought some great no odor primer there for my house and they carry a variety of products including stuff for babies.


I became a fan and posted the link on my wall.

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