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I've truly enjoyed every BWing moment so far! I think my faves have been when he's snuggled up against me & fallen asleep, or tilts his head back and smiles up at me. I so love that smile!


My favorite babywearing moment was the first time I put my son in a wrap. It was just outside in the backyard to try to soothe him and he instantly fell asleep. I remember walking back and forth just staring at him and loving having him right there close to my heart - while hands free!!

Hanna Vogel

Favorite babywearing moment was wearing my daughter as we traveled on a tram last year. Watching her eyes light up with amazement at the view I was thinking if I had her in the stroller all she would see is the metal on the bottom. I love babywearing!!

Hanna Vogel

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Deb Tol

Although I've worn both my girls and enjoyed many moments with them, one of my most memorable moments was actually from my sister-in-law. I had given her a buckle baby carrier which I had made since her 2nd baby was a very big boy. She was wearing her son in Walmart one day, and an old man came up and said that was the neatest carrier he'd ever seen!

Deb Tol

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Stefany Meyer

I loved being able to take my son to a hockey game and not having to deal with a stroller - so much easier!

Stefany Meyer

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Jin G.

The most embarrassing babywearing moment was actually when my hubby put our son in an Ergo to get him to take a nap on the plane, but instead he screamed his head off the whole time he wore him. We took him out of the Ergo after 10 mnutes and he happily played for the rest of the 5 hour flight! I guess he just didn't want to miss anything! =)


The first time I successfully got two kids in one wrap was my fav babywearing moment.

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